Allen & Overy and Shearman & Sterling Announce Merger, Creating Global Legal Powerhouse

In a groundbreaking move, London-based law firms Allen & Overy and Shearman & Sterling have announced their plans to merge, forming one of the world’s largest and most influential legal practices. The merger aims to provide enhanced access to the U.S. corporate client base for Allen & Overy, leveraging Shearman & Sterling’s extensive global reach. If approved by partners, the merger will bring together approximately 3,900 lawyers across 49 offices worldwide, with a combined global revenue of around $3.4 billion. This strategic alignment follows Shearman & Sterling’s previous discussions with Hogan Lovells, which were ultimately abandoned. The proposed merger is expected to create the third-largest integrated law firm globally by gross revenue, cementing a significant presence in the United States.

The union between Allen & Overy and Shearman & Sterling signifies a significant milestone in the legal industry, with profound implications for clients seeking comprehensive and unparalleled legal services. The combination of these esteemed firms’ resources, expertise, and global networks will empower them to address complex legal challenges and deliver exceptional results to clients across various industries and jurisdictions.

The merger is driven by a shared vision to enhance capabilities and expand market presence. Allen & Overy, renowned for its strong international presence, will gain increased access to Shearman & Sterling’s vast U.S. corporate client base. This strategic advantage will enable Allen & Overy to serve its clients more effectively on a global scale, leveraging the deep industry knowledge and experience of Shearman & Sterling’s teams. Simultaneously, Shearman & Sterling will benefit from A&O’s expansive global reach, amplifying its ability to provide seamless legal solutions to clients around the world.

The proposed merger represents a milestone in the legal landscape, with the formation of a leading global law firm capable of delivering top-tier legal services across borders and practice areas. By combining their strengths in U.S. law, English law, and local law expertise, Allen & Overy and Shearman & Sterling are poised to shape the future of the legal industry and set new standards for client service, innovation, and legal excellence.

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