Arab Nations Unite to Combat Hate Speech: Draft Law Under Scrutiny

Cairo, April 23, 2024 – Tomorrow marks the fifth rendezvous of a joint committee comprising experts and representatives hailing from justice and interior ministries, in addition to vested entities across member states, set to convene at the Arab League headquarters.

Their aim? To delve into the intricacies of the “Arab Advisory Draft Law to Prevent Hate Speech.”

Dr. Maha Bakhit, the luminary Director of the Legal Affairs Department at the Arab League, shed light today on the imminent two-day congregation. She revealed that the focal point of discussion will orbit around dissecting the articles of the draft law spearheaded by Kuwait’s Ministry of Justice.

Amidst these deliberations, due heed will be paid to the insights furnished by justice and interior ministries, alongside vested authorities across Arab realms, all in a bid to sculpt a definitive rendition of the draft law.

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