Big Ticket Raffle to Take Intermission: Prizes Galore Await on April 3

In a surprising move, the renowned raffle draw, Big Ticket, announced a temporary halt to its operations starting April 1, in compliance with UAE gaming regulations. However, amidst the pause, an extraordinary event is set to unfold on April 3. The eagerly awaited live draw for series 262 will proceed as scheduled, promising an exhilarating giveaway of “all its prizes”, featuring a jaw-dropping grand prize of Dh10 million. Notably, lucky winners will also have the chance to claim dream cars including the coveted Maserati Ghibli and Range Rover Evoque, originally slated for May 3.

Nestled within the confines of Abu Dhabi International Airport, Big Ticket has established itself as a beacon of excitement, offering patrons a chance at life-changing fortunes every 3rd of the month. Last year alone, the draw showered winners with a staggering total of Dh246,297,071 in prizes, with jubilant recipients like Dubai-based Indian expat, Mohammad Shereef, who magnanimously shared his Dh15 million jackpot with 19 friends.

The decision to pause operations aligns with a broader industry trend, with Big Ticket marking the third major raffle draw operator to cease activities this year. Following in the footsteps of Dubai-based Mahzooz and Emirates Draw, all eyes turn to the directives of the UAE Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA), ushering in a new era of socially responsible gaming. Established just last September, the GCGRA holds the reins in fostering a gaming environment that balances entertainment with integrity, unlocking the economic potential of commercial gaming while safeguarding public interests.

Assuring patrons, Big Ticket expressed gratitude for their steadfast support, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to transparency, responsibility, and integrity in all prize allocations. While the hiatus may disrupt account access temporarily, the draw operator ensures that all previously won prizes remain securely protected and guaranteed. As anticipation builds for the eventual return to operations, customers can rest assured that full access to their accounts will be reinstated seamlessly.

Despite the temporary lull, the allure of Big Ticket remains undiminished. With inquiries or assistance, patrons can reach out to Big Ticket customer support, ensuring a smooth transition through the intermission. As curtains fall on this brief pause, a crescendo of excitement awaits, promising a triumphant return to the thrill of the draw.

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