Chat Analysis for Performance Improvement

Dear esteemed members,

I am writing to inform you that a chat analysis will be conducted in this group using machine learning technologies for a period of 30 random days. The purpose of this analysis is to improve the group’s overall performance by identifying areas that require improvement, determining where additional work needs to be done, and reducing turnaround times.

Please be assured that the privacy of all users will be maintained during the analysis. Names and numbers will be suppressed to ensure anonymity of users.

US-based teams will assist in creating visualizations based on the information gathered, user information, in any case, will not be shared with them to ensure privacy.

Once the analysis is complete, a report detailing the findings and visualizations will be shared with all members of the group. This report will be invaluable in helping us understand the group’s strengths and weaknesses, and identifying areas for improvement.

We believe that this practice will be instrumental in helping us to achieve our goals and improve the overall efficiency of the group. If you have any questions or concerns about this analysis, please do not hesitate to reach out to provide feedback or lodge your objections.

Please note that Court Cast is not monetised, will not be monetised or is not owned by anyone. It works as a grid of users with common interest who come together to collaborate and help each other selflessly, no one is paid to do what they do. Each user contributes what he or she can. Some write code, some share contacts, some provide judgments, some provide notifications, some provide research and this causes a force multiplication which helps people at large.

The Court Cast Project is non-political and non-ideological and it will stay that way, always.

We are also evaluating a zero-admin policy wherein the group will have no human admins and will be put on auto-pilot with little to no human intervention. This can help in ensuring that there is no scope for bias or arbitrary actions. In this case, the group will be managed by bots programmed to enforce policies effectively, without any prejudice, and to keep the group true to its purpose.

Thank you for reading, cooperation and understanding.



Muhammad Arooj
Concept, design & development
The Court Cast Project

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