CJI Launches ‘E-Filing 2.0’, Ensuring Round-the-Clock Service

Chief Justice of India (CJI) D Y Chandrachud unveiled the much-anticipated ‘E-filing 2.0’ on Friday, marking a significant milestone in the digital transformation of India’s judiciary. In a move that will revolutionize the legal landscape, CJI Chandrachud announced that the facility for filing cases electronically would now be available round the clock, providing lawyers with unprecedented convenience and accessibility.

With a staunch belief in the power of technology to streamline judicial processes, the chief justice has been a vocal proponent of e-courts and e-filing systems throughout the country. In addition to the launch of ‘E-filing 2.0,’ CJI Chandrachud inaugurated an ‘e-Sewa Kendra’ within the premises of the apex court, further strengthening the digital infrastructure.

During the launch event, CJI Chandrachud emphasized the significance of this development, stating, “We have now unveiled this morning the ‘E-filing 2.0.’ The facilities will be available to all lawyers 24X7.” Recognizing that some lawyers may be unfamiliar with the technology or lack the necessary facilities, the chief justice also announced the establishment of two facilitation centers to provide support and guidance.

“I request all lawyers to utilize ‘E-filing 2.0’ for their convenience,” CJI Chandrachud urged at the commencement of Friday’s proceedings, garnering widespread support and appreciation from legal professionals. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, who was present in the courtroom, expressed gratitude to the judiciary for helping overcome any reservations lawyers may have had. “Only because of my Lords, we were able to get rid of that mental block,” Mehta remarked, acknowledging the pivotal role played by the judiciary in embracing technology.

Highlighting the multifaceted capabilities of the ‘e-Sewa Kendra,’ CJI Chandrachud remarked, “One can walk into the ‘e-Sewa Kendra’ to not only file cases through the e-filing software but also avail other services to know case status from any court or tribunal across the country.” The ‘e-Sewa Kendra’ promises to provide a centralized platform for various legal services, further bolstering the efficiency and transparency of the judicial system.

Across the country, courts at various levels, including the apex court, have witnessed a surge in cases being filed through e-filing modes, demonstrating the growing acceptance and adoption of digital methods within the legal community. As ‘E-filing 2.0’ paves the way for enhanced accessibility and efficiency, it is expected to significantly reduce the burden on the judiciary, streamline processes, and ultimately facilitate justice delivery for all.

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