Deployment of New Search Engine for Supreme Court of India Judgements

We are excited to announce an important upgrade that’s set to enhance your experience with legal research. The Court Cast Project is working diligently to enhance the way you access critical legal data. Our upcoming feature involves deploying a novel search engine that will grant unrestricted access to Supreme Court of India judgements in PDF format – entirely free of charge.

This feature is the culmination of our relentless effort to democratize access to legal knowledge and resources. We believe this will greatly aid legal practitioners, researchers, and the general public in getting more reliable and swift access to legal judgements. Our users will be able to access a comprehensive archive of judgements and rulings from the Supreme Court of India with just a few clicks.

The deployment of this new service is scheduled to commence in the next 24 hours. As with any significant system enhancement, we anticipate some potential temporary disruptions during this period. Although we’re working tirelessly to ensure a seamless transition, there might be occasional outages as we integrate this new search engine into our existing infrastructure.

We humbly request your patience during this short window of potential service interruption. Rest assured, our technical team will be actively monitoring the situation to minimize any potential impact and will be on hand to resolve any issues that may arise.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Our commitment to improving our platform and services is unwavering, and this upgrade signifies a major leap forward in that journey. We believe that the slight inconvenience you might experience in the short term will be more than compensated for by the enhanced functionality and access to valuable legal information that the new search engine will offer.

We will be issuing further updates as we progress with the implementation process, and we look forward to serving you better with our new search engine.

Thank you for your continued support.

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