Dubai Reveals Visionary ‘Master Plan’ to Quadruple Public Beach Length by 2040

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, has given his seal of approval to a monumental ‘Master Plan for Dubai Public Beaches’. This ambitious plan projects a 400% increase in the length of the city’s public beaches by 2040, alongside a three-fold increase in the services provided on these public beaches by 2025.

By the target year of 2040, the total length of public beaches in Dubai is set to reach an impressive 105 kilometers. This constitutes a significant expansion from the current 21-kilometer stretch of public coastline in the city.

Making his announcement on Twitter, Sheikh Mohammed referred to the plan as part of the wider Dubai Urban Plan. He emphasized the city’s commitment to continuous development since the launch of its first urban plan back in the 1960s, stating, “Development in Dubai is continuing, and we are still at the beginning. We will continue to provide the best standard of living for individuals and families in services and projects globally.”

The leader underlined his vision for Dubai to keep “competing with itself”, to continually strive to enhance the city’s appeal for both its residents and its numerous visitors.

Apart from transforming the city’s coastal landscape, these grand urban projects are designed to fuel Dubai’s economic growth and bolster its tourism sector over the next decade. The addition of such extensive public beachfront, along with a comprehensive suite of beach services, is sure to draw in a multitude of beachgoers, both domestic and international.

This ambitious expansion of public beaches in Dubai aligns with Sheikh Mohammed’s wider vision for the city’s development, further cementing Dubai’s reputation as a leading global destination for both tourism and residence.

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