Indiana Law Firms Forge New Connections, Extending Global Reach to India

In recent developments, two law firm expansions have facilitated connections between Indiana’s legal community and national as well as international markets, including India. Dentons, in a groundbreaking move, announced its combination with Link Legal in India to establish Dentons Link Legal. This partnership marks the first-ever collaboration between a global law firm and an Indian law firm, providing Dentons with a presence in five out of India’s six largest cities. Meanwhile, California-based Chugh LLP, which already has multiple offices in India, has opened its first Midwest office in Indianapolis.

According to Keith Bice, Managing Partner of Dentons Bingham Greenebaum, these connections between India and Indiana highlight the increasing globalization of the legal profession. Dentons, with its existing clients in India, views this combination as an opportunity to support their growth, protection, operations, and financing needs. Bice also emphasizes that clients expect a combination of local connections and global resources.

Ritu Chokshi, who leads Chugh’s new Indianapolis office, believes that companies cannot overlook the vast market that India offers. She suggests that expansions into the Midwest often follow initial moves to the coasts. As companies and firms explore further opportunities, they naturally expand inland.

Chugh celebrated the opening of its Indianapolis office on June 1, marking the firm’s presence in the Midwest. The office currently comprises a team of four, including Ritu Chokshi. Attendees at the opening, such as Andrea Mora, a paralegal for the Indianapolis office, praised Chokshi’s dedication and care for clients. Chugh had been eager to establish an office in Indianapolis, and finding the right person for the role led them to Chokshi. Her expertise in immigration law and fluency in languages such as Hindi, Punjabi, and Spanish make her a valuable asset to the firm.

The new office will primarily focus on immigration services, assisting individuals, families, and businesses with visa applications, naturalization, and other immigration-related matters. However, Chokshi envisions the office as more than just a legal workspace. She has created a welcoming environment with designated areas for children to draw and a communal space for small businesses to hold information sessions. Chokshi’s goal is to cultivate a sense of community and support within the office.

These developments reflect the growing importance of international connections and the recognition of India’s significant market potential. By expanding their reach to India, these Indiana-based law firms are positioning themselves to better serve their clients in an increasingly interconnected global landscape.

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