Judiciary: The Sacred Temple Embraced by All, Irrespective of Differences

In an impassioned farewell speech, a distinguished judge from the Karnataka High Court, Justice B. Veerappa, proclaimed the judiciary as the sole temple in India that transcends religious, caste, gender, and regional divides. Drawing parallels with the legislative and executive branches, Justice Veerappa underscored the divine essence of the judiciary, setting it apart from its counterparts. His valedictory address on May 31 marked the culmination of a remarkable tenure that began on January 1, 2015.

Justice Veerappa emphasized that the judiciary, revered as the ultimate recourse, emerges as society’s final refuge when all other doors have been exhausted. Regardless of their background, every citizen of the nation holds the judiciary in the highest esteem, seeking solace in its hallowed halls. The judge attributed this unwavering faith to the judiciary’s enviable reputation for inspiring public confidence. Its greatest strength lies not in material wealth but in the confidence reposed in its ability to uphold justice and maintain equilibrium in every dispute. Citizens have long regarded the judiciary as the guardian of their rights and liberties, placing their unwavering trust in its pursuit of truth.

While bidding farewell, Justice Veerappa urged both the judiciary and legislature to confront the pernicious menace of corruption, a malignancy more insidious than cancer itself. He called upon the judges to lead by example, pledging to eradicate corruption and thereby become paragons for other branches of the state. In doing so, he stressed the importance of safeguarding the dignity and honor of the esteemed institution while restoring tranquility in the hearts of the people.

During the farewell ceremony, Chief Justice PB Varale of the Karnataka High Court reminisced about Justice Veerappa’s indomitable spirit, affectionately associating him with the moniker ‘Tiger.’ Acknowledging Justice Veerappa’s fearlessness and straightforwardness, the Chief Justice lightened the atmosphere with a jovial remark, alluding to the judge’s fierce presence in the courtroom. The Chief Justice also commended Justice Veerappa’s comprehensive understanding of ground realities, recounting his visits to numerous government hospitals and prisons as the Chairman of the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority.

Justice Veerappa’s departure leaves an indelible mark on the judiciary, reminding us of the enduring reverence and faith that citizens, irrespective of their differences, place in the hallowed halls of justice. His call to action against corruption resonates as a clarion call for the entire nation, highlighting the pivotal role of the judiciary in shaping a just and righteous society. As we bid farewell to this extraordinary jurist, we are reminded of the lasting impact he has made and the ideals he has espoused in the pursuit of a more equitable and harmonious India.

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