Justice Sundresh Calls for Justice Sivagnanam’s Transfer to Supreme Court, Applauds His Work in Calcutta High Court

In a recent event organized by the Madras Bar Association, Justice MM Sundresh, a judge of the Supreme Court, praised the commendable work of Justice TS Sivagnanam, the Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court. Justice Sundresh shared an anecdote where he expressed his admiration for Justice Sivagnanam to lawyers in the Supreme Court, highlighting the need for his prompt transfer to the apex court.

During the event, Justice Sundresh recounted his conversation with colleagues who hailed from Calcutta and were familiar with Justice Sivagnanam’s performance. One of his colleagues spoke highly of Justice Sivagnanam, describing him as the finest among all the Chief Justices who had presided over the Calcutta High Court. Justice Sundresh expressed his delight upon hearing such praise but disagreed with the wish for Justice Sivagnanam to remain in Calcutta for an extended period. Instead, he proposed that if Justice Sivagnanam’s abilities were truly exceptional, he should be promptly elevated to the Supreme Court.

Welcoming Justice SV Gangapurwala, Chief Justice of Madras High Court, to the gathering, Justice Sundresh expressed the hospitable nature of the region and assured Justice Gangapurwala a warm reception. He cited a quote by Andal, emphasizing that a virtuous person finds a home wherever they go. Additionally, Justice Sundresh acknowledged Justice Gangapurwala’s sporting prowess, highlighting his achievements as a national-level tennis player.

In response, Justice Gangapurwala assured the bar members that any procedural changes in the court would be made after consulting with them. He emphasized their right to voice grievances and expressed his openness to their concerns.

Reflecting on his own experience, Justice Sivagnanam addressed the topic of transfers, asserting that they are an inherent aspect of judicial service. He acknowledged that it was the collegium, the body responsible for judicial appointments, that had deemed him fit for the Calcutta High Court in 2019. Therefore, when the same collegium decided to transfer him, he faithfully obeyed their orders, considering it a show of respect towards the institution and the system. Justice Sivagnanam emphasized that failure to respect the system would lead to its eventual breakdown and undermine the judiciary.

The event celebrated the achievements of Justice Gangapurwala and Justice Sivagnanam, highlighting their contributions to the legal profession. With Justice Sundresh advocating for Justice Sivagnanam’s transfer to the Supreme Court, the future trajectory of this distinguished judge remains a matter of interest and anticipation.

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