Qatar Investment Authority and Esas Private Equity Invest $105 Million in AI Marketing Firm Insider

Insider, the Turkish AI-based marketing firm, has secured a substantial investment of $105 million in a funding round led by existing investors Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) and Esas Private Equity. The investment brings Insider’s total funding to an impressive $274 million, as announced by QIA on their official website.

Ahmed Ali Al-Hammadi, the Chief Investment Officer for Europe at QIA, expressed confidence in Insider’s growth strategy and resilience, highlighting the continued support for the company’s vision of expansion. He emphasized Insider’s position as a leader in the marketing tech ecosystem and commended its status as a female-led tech unicorn.

Insider has garnered significant attention due to its innovative AI-powered marketing solutions, which have propelled its growth and success in the industry. The latest investment infusion will fuel the company’s efforts to further establish its presence in the global market and develop cutting-edge technologies that enhance marketing practices.

The involvement of QIA and Esas Private Equity underscores the confidence and belief in Insider’s potential to revolutionize the marketing landscape with its advanced AI capabilities. This investment not only provides the financial backing necessary for Insider’s ambitious plans but also validates its position as a frontrunner in the rapidly evolving field of marketing technology.

Insider’s remarkable progress has attracted the attention of investors worldwide, and the recent funding round stands as a testament to the company’s compelling value proposition. As it continues to push the boundaries of AI-driven marketing solutions, Insider is poised to shape the future of the industry, setting new standards and propelling businesses toward enhanced customer engagement and growth.

The partnership between QIA, Esas Private Equity, and Insider signifies a shared commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and supporting visionary companies that possess the potential to redefine entire industries. With their combined expertise and resources, Insider is primed to strengthen its position as a global leader in the marketing tech sector, paving the way for further innovation and transformative advancements in the field.

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