Revamped Ruling: New York Judge Overhauls Verdict on Cannabis Regulations

In a startling turn of events, a New York state judge made a significant revision to his prior order, which had previously cast aside the bulk of the state’s cannabis regulations. The case, centered on the regulations governing marijuana advertising, took a new trajectory as New York Supreme Court Justice Kevin Bryant issued an amended decree late Thursday.

Contrary to his previous sweeping ruling, Justice Bryant’s updated order now solely nullifies regulations concerning the marketing of cannabis products. The initial order, issued in Albany, New York, had sent shockwaves by invalidating a multitude of regulations proposed by the New York Office of Cannabis Management, which dictated the licensing, operation, and marketing strategies for cannabis businesses across the state.

Justice Bryant’s scathing rebuke on Wednesday targeted the Office of Cannabis Management and the New York Cannabis Control Board for their inadequate response to the lawsuit brought by Leafly Holdings, a prominent cannabis website. The judge had lambasted the lack of evidence or justification provided by the defendants regarding the formulation of these regulations. Notably, the amended order retains the judge’s original rationale for striking down the regulations.

Leafly Holdings initiated the legal battle over regulations that prohibited dispensaries from advertising on third-party platforms. Their lawsuit has spurred a ripple effect, challenging the very fabric of New York’s cannabis regulatory framework.

The New York Attorney General’s office, tasked with defending these regulations in court, declined to comment on the amended ruling, redirecting inquiries to the state Office of Cannabis Management, which remained silent following the issuance of the revised order.

Expressing its stance prior to the amended order, Leafly emphasized the importance of granting licensed operators access to advertising tools for their prosperity. The company articulated its hope that the revised ruling would pave the way for a robust and sustainable adult-use cannabis market in the state.

As developments unfold, the cannabis industry awaits further clarification on the implications of Justice Bryant’s revised verdict, underscoring the evolving landscape of cannabis regulation in New York.


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