Saudi Arabia Contemplates Opening Doors to Foreign Law Firms

In a notable move to attract foreign investment, Saudi Arabia is considering a proposal to permit fully foreign-owned law firms to operate within its borders. This initiative, spearheaded by the National Competitiveness Center (NCC), was announced on their X platform, inviting public opinion on the Ministry of Justice’s proposal to amend Article 50 of the Kingdom’s Code of Law Practice.

The proposed amendment aims to allow foreign law firms, licensed to practice in Saudi Arabia, to establish wholly foreign-owned entities. These firms would provide legal counsel on Saudi regulations and represent clients in court through registered Saudi lawyers.

Details on the Istitlaa platform highlight the project’s objectives to advance the legal profession by raising its quality and efficiency, localizing international expertise, and enhancing Saudi Arabia’s business environment. This initiative aligns with the Kingdom’s broader goals of boosting its competitive edge, improving the justice system, and fostering foreign investment.

Moreover, the proposal is expected to facilitate the relocation of regional headquarters of international companies to Saudi Arabia and create high-quality job opportunities for citizens. By welcoming global legal expertise, Saudi Arabia aims to further integrate into the global market while bolstering its own legal and economic infrastructure.

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