Saudi Ministry of Justice Celebrates Resolution of 7,700 Commercial Disputes via Taradhi Platform

In a remarkable stride towards streamlined dispute resolution, the Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia has heralded the resolution of a staggering 7,700 commercial disputes through its innovative Taradhi conciliation platform by the conclusion of 2023.

This monumental achievement not only reflects the Ministry’s commitment to expeditious conflict resolution but also resonates deeply with the overarching objectives of the National Transformation Program and Vision 2030. These aspirations converge on simplifying and fortifying the efficacy of dispute resolution mechanisms within the Kingdom.

The Taradhi platform stands as a beacon of accessibility, offering a virtual sanctuary where disputing parties can engage in conciliation under the guidance of certified professionals. Designed to transcend geographical barriers, it fosters a conducive environment for resolving conflicts remotely, thereby expediting the process with utmost convenience.

Crucially, this initiative is pivotal in bolstering the investment climate within the Kingdom. By furnishing a robust legal framework, Taradhi ensures the validity and enforceability of conciliation agreements. These agreements, once forged, hold binding authority and can be executed seamlessly, obviating the need for protracted litigation procedures in cases of non-compliance.

Through this transformative approach to dispute resolution, the Ministry of Justice not only exemplifies administrative prowess but also instills confidence in investors, fostering an environment conducive to sustainable growth and prosperity.

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