UAE Job Market Soars with 20% Surge in Q1 Vacancies

The United Arab Emirates’ job market has defied global trends and experienced substantial growth in the first quarter of 2023. Particularly in head offices, there has been an impressive 20% increase in available positions across certain sectors, fueled by new projects and initiatives.

According to recruiters, Dubai’s ongoing economic surge has played a significant role in this positive trend. Aws Ismail, the general manager at Marc Ellis, noted that the technology sector has witnessed an average increase of approximately 20% in the UAE recruitment and job market for 2023. Ismail attributed this growth to an optimistic market outlook and a surge in foreign investment, reflecting numerous businesses’ commitment to establishing and expanding their presence in the Emirates. The government’s emphasis on digitalization has further supported this upward trajectory. Ismail expects the momentum to continue throughout the year based on the current increase.

The technology industry has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors, with a notable 20% rise in job vacancies. Following closely behind is the HR sector, which has seen a respectable 10% increase. The banking and financial services sector has also experienced substantial growth, with more job openings compared to the corresponding period in 2022.

Nadeem Ahmed, HR Manager at Hidayath, highlighted the active hiring trend in the UAE and the salary increases for skilled professionals. The technology sector, in particular, has been the most active in terms of hiring, with 77% of organizations increasing their headcount, as reported by the Hays 2023 GCC Salary Guide. The most sought-after roles in the technology sector include software developer, IT infrastructure engineer, IT engineer, DevOps engineer, and digital marketing manager.

Recruiters agree that the technology industry demands rapid adaptation to recent developments, making hiring and firing more prevalent. Jaya Bhatia, CEO and Founder of, emphasized the importance of digital literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving ability, creativity, and innovation in potential candidates. Soft skills like empathy, teamwork, and communication are also highly valued, along with the ability to adapt to change and learn new skills quickly. Industry-specific and technical skills are also in high demand, depending on the sector.

The UAE’s job market surge is a testament to the country’s growing economy and its attractiveness to foreign investment. As Dubai continues to flourish and the government prioritizes digitalization, the job market is expected to maintain its upward trajectory, providing opportunities across various sectors.


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