New Regulations Enforced: UAE Halts Fishing of Two Species During Breeding Season

As of April 1st until the end of the month, a stringent ban on fishing for Golden Trevally and Painted Sweetlips has been set in motion across UAE waters. This proactive measure, mandated by Ministerial Decree No. 24 issued by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE), stands firm until 2026. The decree meticulously outlines guidelines for fishing activities, particularly targeting certain species during their vital breeding periods.

The essence of this regulatory initiative is to meticulously manage commercial fishing endeavors, ensuring the sustained abundance of fish stocks within UAE’s territorial waters. Such measures, spearheaded by the MoCCAE, resonate profoundly with the nation’s overarching goal of fortifying food security while upholding ecological balance.

In alignment with this directive, the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Endangered Safety Authority has embarked on a comprehensive two-day awareness campaign, commencing this Monday. This educational endeavor aims to instill a deeper understanding of the imperative need to regulate the hunting and marketing of specific fish species. The campaign casts its net wide, encompassing every nook and cranny of fish markets, shops, eateries, and even import-export entities across Abu Dhabi.

Simultaneously, as part of Ministerial Decree No. 24’s sweeping mandate, the validity of prior regulations concerning Goldlined Sunbeam and King Soldier Bream has been rescinded. This recalibration of fishing practices underscores a concerted effort to adapt and evolve in tandem with evolving environmental imperatives.

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