Saudi Authorities Crack Down on Unlicensed Apps, Ensuring Consumer Safety

In a recent move, the Transport General Authority (TGA) in Saudi Arabia has taken stringent action against the operation of six applications, including two ride-hailing and four food delivery platforms, due to their failure to adhere to licensing regulations.

Emphasizing the significance of consumer safety, the TGA highlighted that these applications were operating without the mandatory licenses, prompting the authority to suspend their operations promptly.

Underlining its dedication to overseeing regulatory compliance, the TGA reaffirmed its commitment to fostering a secure and efficient transportation ecosystem. Moreover, it stressed the pivotal role of applications in ensuring the delivery of dependable and safe services to consumers.

In a bid to further bolster consumer protection, the TGA urged individuals to report any irregularities or grievances concerning passenger transport and delivery applications. They can do so by reaching out through the designated hotline at 19929 or by contacting the customer care account on the platform labeled as @tga_care.

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