Statement of Jurisdiction

The Court Cast Project, an open source initiative that works to foster communities and development of technology within the legal sphere, is sustained by the robust backing of Generis Global. This innovative project legally operates within the jurisdictional boundaries of both the State and Federal Courts situated within North Carolina, United States of America.

As a forward-thinking organization, the Court Cast Project is unwaveringly committed to enhancing the accessibility of legal technology and cultivating a thriving, interactive community of legal professionals. In pursuing these noble objectives, the organization diligently adheres to the established laws and regulations of North Carolina, thereby promoting integrity, transparency, and ethical conduct.

This uncompromising commitment to regulatory compliance extends to all legal disputes or issues that may potentially arise from, or have a bearing on, the Court Cast Project’s operations. Such disputes and legal issues shall be effectively governed by and interpreted in strict accordance with the legislative framework of the State of North Carolina. The interpretation and enforcement of these regulations are unequivocally bound by the legal precedents and interpretations sanctioned by the judicial authorities within this State.

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