The Court Cast Project’s Initiative in Democratizing Access to Oral Arguments

In the endeavor of fostering an enlightened and accessible legal landscape, the Court Cast Project is announcing its initiative to make available, for access, an archive of over 100,000 oral arguments in audio format. This philanthropic gesture is envisioned to be an invaluable resource for the attorneys and the citizenry of the United States.

It is to be noted that the Court Cast Project will judiciously integrate a select number of services into its repertoire in the United States. Concurrently, it is with the utmost regard for the continuity of service and institutional legacy that the Court Cast Project affirms the unhindered and regular operations of the existing projects.

This momentous undertaking is emblematic of the Court Cast Projectโ€™s unwavering commitment to augmenting the reservoir of legal knowledge and facilitating an inclusive and equitable justice system. The distinguished legal fraternity and the wider public are hereby invited to partake in this initiative.

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