User Removal and Reporting Policy

I. Introduction

1.1 This Member Removal Policy has been created to protect the integrity and professional nature of the Court Cast platform. It is designed to provide a clear process for removing members who consistently violate our guidelines and disrupt the communal harmony.

II. Objective and Scope

2.1 The primary aim of this policy is to maintain the respectful, supportive, and neutral environment at Court Cast, free from incitement, antagonism, or disruptive behavior. This policy applies to all members of Court Cast, regardless of their geographical location, experience, or contributions.

III. Code of Conduct

3.1 Members of Court Cast are expected to adhere to our guidelines that promote respectful communication, professional collaboration, and non-partisan behavior. We prohibit any form of harassment, bullying, defamation, incitement, or other behavior that disrupts the collaborative spirit of the community or undermines our mission.

IV. Violation and Reporting

4.1 Any actions or behavior in violation of our Code of Conduct should be reported promptly to the Court Cast moderation team. All reports will be treated confidentially and will be investigated promptly and thoroughly.At The Court Cast Project, we are committed to maintaining a respectful and lawful community. This policy outlines our stance on how we handle content and users found to be in violation of local laws, our platform policies, or found to be operating with ulterior motives.

4.2. Respect for Local Jurisdiction

We respect and adhere to the laws in all jurisdictions where our platform operates. Our platform, while international in reach, understands the importance of local legislative frameworks and customs. We strive to uphold these principles and laws in all our activities.

Respect for Local Jurisdiction
1. Adherence to local laws in all operational jurisdictions.
2. Compliance with customs and legislative frameworks in every location.
4.3. User-Generated Content

The Court Cast Project is a community-based platform where users can generate and post content. We believe in the power of shared knowledge and experience but also acknowledge the potential for misuse.

User-Generated Content
1. Encouragement of shared knowledge and experiences.
2. Monitoring and regulation of content to prevent misuse.
4.4. Violations and Consequences

If users are found to be in violation of local laws, platform policies, or found to have ulterior motives, they may face immediate removal.

Violations and Consequences
1. Immediate removal of users for violation of laws or policies.
2. Immediate removal of users for suspected ulterior motives.
4.5. Reporting and Cooperation with Law Enforcement

Their content may also be removed, and where necessary, our cooperation will be extended to local law enforcement for further action.

Reporting and Cooperation with Law Enforcement
1. Removal of violating content.
2. Cooperation with local law enforcement for further action.
V. Review Process

5.1 The moderation team will review each reported violation on a case-by-case basis, considering the severity of the violation and the member’s previous conduct.

5.2 Members found to be consistently or severely violating our guidelines may receive a warning, suspension, or immediate removal from the platform, based on the severity of their actions.

VI. Actions Against Violations

6.1 Warning: A member who has been reported for a minor violation or first-time offense will be issued a warning.

6.2 Suspension: Repeat offenses or severe violations may result in the member’s temporary suspension from the platform.

6.3 Removal: In case of repeated severe violations or failure to adhere to warnings and suspension terms, a member may be permanently removed from the Court Cast community.

VII. Appeal Process

7.1 Members who have been suspended or removed have the right to appeal the decision. Appeals should be submitted in writing to the moderation team, who will review the appeal and make a final decision.

VIII. Amendments

8.1 This Member Removal Policy is subject to change. Any amendments will be communicated via our website and legal communication channels. Continual usage of the platform signifies acceptance of any policy updates.

By joining and continuing to use the Court Cast platform, users acknowledge and agree to abide by this Member Removal Policy.

IX. Adoption of the Policy

This policy comes into effect from immediately upon publication. Your continued use of Court Cast platform post this date will signify your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Our policy aims to provide a safe, respectful, and lawful platform for our users. We reserve the right to make changes to this policy when necessary, to better serve our community and maintain adherence to the law.

As always, we thank you for your commitment to maintaining the respect, integrity, and professionalism that define our Court Cast community.

Iftikhar Hassan Samoon,
Hon’ble High Court Of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh
The Court Cast Project, India

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